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I am a Lifestyle & Birth Photographer serving the Oklahoma City Metro Area since 2005.

I did this crazy thing called marriage right out of high school. It was absolutely nuts and yet here we are, 22 years later, still madly in love, and still getting to know each other. Together, we have 3 biological daughters, 1 angel baby, & 2 adopted babies from OKDHS. I homeschool my younger kiddos and we have 1 in college. I love Jesus with my whole heart and am thankful for His unfailing grace & love.

I firmly believe that photography is one of the greatest investments a family can make. For this reason, if you love my photography but price is an issue, contact me, we will work out a payment plan that fits your family's budget!

Thank you for browsing through my website! Feel free to hop on over to The Blog for recent session "sneak peeks" as well as getting to know me better through personal posts.


Just incase you're curious:

  • I love Jesus
  • I love making people happy
  • I love laughter
  • My husband still gives me butterflies
  • My kids are the most amazing humans I know
  • My 6 yr old has High Functioning Autism, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, & ADHD, he keeps us on our toes
  • My girls all battle clinical depression
  • Music, dark chocolate, & sunshine make me happy
  • I live for date nights with my hubby
  • I have Hashimotos & Hypothyroidism and I'm on the KETO diet
  • I miss sugar
  • I have a coffee addiction
  • I'm fairly crunchy
  • Being outdoors in nature nourishes my soul
  • I love adventures
  • Writing is very therapeutic for me
  • I am an open book & tend to overshare 
  • Shooting births is one of my greatest passions. Watching a mother work SO hard and then witnessing new life emerging is nothing short of standing on Holy ground!
  • I believe life is a gift. Live well. Love hard. Do the thing that scares you. Celebrate big moments and little moments. And yes, plan that trip. Post that selfie. Eat that chocolate. Give him a second chance. Call your mom. Absolutely, buy the doggie!  :) I love you!!!