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Your Session

What is a Lifestyle Session 

Easily put - it's a photo story of a small glimpse of your life. We aren't talking "a session with lots of posed images", but rather your family being yourselves. I have been that photographer who takes only posed pictures of your family. Wanna know something? It wasn't me. I'm a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants girl and I truly prefer that kind of photography. What I wanna do is seize the moment to capture your family being "you". We will talk about your family's faves - what is it that defines your family? What do ya'll consider fun? What can a fly on the wall see you doing on a daily basis? Or what special routine do you do every Saturday morning? Those are the things we will plan in advance to have a successful lifestyle session. And yes mama, we will get one or two posed images too, because I know those are special too! 


What to Expect

In-home Lifestyle Session

*10am or 2pm tend to be the best hours for indoor sessions. Please be prepared for me to scout your house for the best lit area of each room we will be in. 

Newborns: We will capture your family snuggling & cuddling with your precious new addition. Lifestyle sessions are superb for siblings as there is no posing required for the little ones...just simply loving on their new baby brother or sister. We will capture everything from mama with baby, daddy with baby, siblings & even fur babies with baby. Yes, we will also get pictures of sweet baby squish by themselves. No difficult poses or props, just precious baby, swaddled snug as a bug in a rug, in her room, or on mama's bed. I love capturing breastfeeding lifestyle pictures as well so if this is something that interests you, please let me know so we can be sure to include that into your session!

Family: What does your family do every Saturday morning before getting out of jammies? Do ya'll cook breakfast together? Maybe play games on the living room floor? Devour a pile of pancakes after decorating them with sprinkles and whipped topping? Maybe you're not the morning type... How about I come capture craft time in the early afternoon? Or story time before nap time? Are you a homeschool family and would like the quieter afternoon lessons captured? Maybe baking together is your family's favorite part of the week? Let's brain storm together to create a memorable session!

Couples: I love "love stories". Let me capture you and your spouse in your comfies, hanging out at home. What does your Saturday look like once you're carefree and out of your work clothes? Do you cook breakfast together and then eat it on your bed "picnic style" while catching up on the past week's shows? Maybe you're nerds and you like you to drink bullet proof coffee and read out loud to each other on the patio? I am down for that!...fellow nerd here! Or do you enjoy cooking new recipes together while drinking wine & jamming to rock music? Sounds super, I may request a song or two. :)


On-Location Lifestyle Session 

Family or Couples: What is your fave place to hang out? Snow Cone Stands, Coffee Shops, Ice Cream Shops, Donut Shops, the Library, teenagers LOVE the mall & outlet mall! Let's go to your family's favorite spot and do a whole Lifestyle Session there, doing what you love to do most! Favorite spots change from year to year as couples add kids and as kids grow a little older...let's document it together so you can remember these moments the rest of your life!

Outdoor Lifestyle Session

If you're wanting a more traditional session - schedule an outdoor lifestyle session! I schedule outdoor sessions an hour to an hour and a half before sunset. This is when outdoor lighting is prime for photographers.

Families: If you have little ones that go to bed early, the hour of sunrise is also a wonderful time to schedule a family session, but of course it requires more coffee. :) Your session will be relaxed, fun and enjoyable for the whole family. You can expect me to start off by asking you what your most desired poses are. We will shoot those first to make sure we have what you want and then I will take creative freedom with the rest of your session. Depending on what we talked about prior to your session, I may ask you to bring props or we may just walk around and take pictures of your interactions. We will spend anywhere from 45 min to an hour and a half taking pictures, allowing the kids to have snacks, run around, rest or whatever is necessary to have successful images. Your session will never feel rushed. 

*Families of special needs kids - I have one too...don't let that keep you from scheduling a session, let that push you to schedule a session with me, I promise you, it will be AMAZING and you will have breathtaking images of your family being you. So call me, give me the scoop, & together, let's figure out what location will be the best fit for your family dynamics!

The best advice I can give for moms of young kids is to bring light colored liquid drinks (water, lemonade, apple juice) and a few snacks that can double over as treats, aka bribe. You might want to add a few special touches to your session by bringing along special lovies, signs, banners or props that represent your family. Also, keep in mind what the weather is doing; if it's Summer, wear light, airy outfits and bring water bottles for everyone; if it's Winter & windy dress in layers and have a blanket on hand to wrap up in between shots. Also, don't overbook yourself the day of your session. Have outfits already picked out the night before. If possible, take off work early so that you can take your time getting ready and you're not stressed when you arrive at your session. If you're stressed, it WILL show in your pictures.

Couples:  I'm a ridiculous romantic. I love "love". I love the sweet whispers, the kisses, the hugs, the love in your eyes. I love the nonverbals in body language, and the way your eyes communicate. So let's capture all that... Let's go on an adventure to the mountains (yes, we have mountains in Oklahoma!), or the lake. Let's map out a plan and let's do it! There's no time like the present!


Downtown, Parks, Lake Overholser or Hefner, Historic/Urban areas and Country-ish, Open Land areas, Wichita Mountains... If you don't have a specific location in mind, I'm more than happy to recommend a few places.  

Birth Photography & Birth Videography

Birth Photography services should be scheduled by 34 weeks of pregnancy, sooner is better, so that we can meet in person to go over over your birth plan and to answer any questions you may.


It is best to schedule your session between 34-36 weeks of pregnancy so that you're belly is nice and round, but you're not too uncomfortable.


Newborns look most new within the first 10 days of life and in their birth suit. Please schedule your newborn session in your 34th-36th week of pregnancy to reserve your spot. Then call me again within hours of baby's birth to nail down the exact session date and time. The newer your baby, the more they will sleep and the smoother your session will go. Newborn sessions should be expected to last a few hours due to feedings, changes, and crying.

Babies, Children & What to Wear

Well let's be real here, they look cute in ANYTHING, but for portraits, try to color coordinate your kids so that if their outfits were in a painting, their colors would compliment each other (and stay away from huge logos & writing on shirts). For indoor lifestyle sessions, I'm a huge fan of matching jammies and comfy outfits with colors that compliment each other.

The best time to do pictures of just baby is when they are able to sit by themselves. They have quite the personality around this time and are a blast to capture on camera with their favorite stuffed animal or blankie. 

Adoption Finalization

Full Courthouse Photojournalism followed by a Mini Family Session in the same vicinity. Dress as you would for a Photo Session. 

All other sessions 

One little trick I like to use is for mom to pick out her favorite outfit with lots of fun colors for either herself or her child, and then from that outfit, pull colors for everyone else's outfits. I strongly suggest layers, scarves, texture...they add a beautiful feel to your portraits.

I am booked 1-2 months out depending on the season. Please keep this in mind when scheduling your session. 

Remember: What you put into your session is what you'll get out of your session!

Once I receive your sitting fee (pricing can be found on "Investment" page), I will email your Session Information.


Please call or text me (405-600-5309) with any questions or suggestions about your session. I can't wait to meet you!