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Adoption Photography

Whether you find yourself traveling across the world and would like your Airport Arrival captured or you're adopting within Oklahoma City but would like your Adoption Finalization captured at the Courthouse, please know that I would be THRILLED to not only capture these moments for you, but to celebrate with you!


Airport Arrivals

Airport Arrival times can change, depending on what country you're traveling from, up until the time you're actually enroute to Oklahoma, but it's important to book me several weeks out so that I can be sure to have a spot for you. My other photo sessions are always made aware that I may have to reschedule them if an Airport Arrival time changes and they are always extremely accommodating. 

I require a "contact name & number" from someone here in Oklahoma so that I can be sure of your exact flight & arrival time. They are also really good about filling me in on any last minute info that may help me be better prepared to capture your arrival. Your contact person and I will usually become fast friends because we're both super psyched about your arrival! :)

Courthouse Adoption Finalization

For Adoption Finalization, I suggest dressing like you would for a Family Portrait, wear bright, happy colors that compliment each other. Normally, families dress up a little bit for the Courthouse, but if you tend to lean more towards the casual side that is perfectly okay too! I am pretty familiar with the Courthouses around the Norman/Chickasha/OKC area as I've shot Adoptions at all of them, but it's important that you let your Attorney know ahead of time that you will have a personal photographer with you. 

I will arrive about 15 minutes before your Court Docket Time and will begin taking pictures almost immediately as you anticipate being called into the court room. Usually the Judge will allow me to stand behind him, or to the side of him for pictures so that your faces are in all of the pictures. If we end up with a grouchy judge, I will still try my best to capture as much of your faces as possible from the side. Afterwards, we will step outside for a Family Mini Session within the vicinity of the Courthouse.

If you want your Airport Arrival or Adoption Finalization photographed, but the cost is an issue, please, please, please contact me. We will make it work for you, I promise!